CEX.IO has become one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms today. This platform has been providing services and coverage to users from anywhere in the world since 2013, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this portal you can buy, sell and exchange between several available cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash and more.

Many online platforms offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency negotiations but do not guarantee complete security and protection in transactions. CEX.IO instead pays special attention to everything related to security. It has a strong anti-DDoS protection and a level 2 PCI DSS that will protect your personal data while performing any type of operation.

Registration process

The registration process is very easy to get through. Simply complete a form where you are asked for an email address and password, nothing more. If you want to create an account in CEX.IO you can click here or click on the button you will see below.

Once you complete the registration check your Email as you should receive a message with a link/button that you must click to activate your account. It should be noted that due to the large influx of users looking to buy cryptocurrencies, CEX.IO has been forced to disable new registrations from time to time.

Verification process

In the constant search for security by CEX.IO, in order to add a credit card with which to buy, deposit and withdraw balance from the platform you will need to carry out an identity verification.

To complete the verification of your account you must upload a photo of your ID, passport or driving license on both sides. Each of the photos must be accompanied by the front of the credit card which you want to link. That is, a first photo in which the front of your ID/Passport/Driving License and the front of the credit card, and a second photo of the back of your ID/Passport /Driving License and The front of the credit card should appear again next to it.

Operating on the CEX.IO platform is very easy to understand, in addition, you can select the language of your choice in the upper right where you will see a flag.

Platform features


On this main screen you can find a quick and direct access to buying or selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. If you want to buy or sell other of the supported cryptocurrencies you must go to the Trade/Commerce section.


From here you can both buy and sell all the cryptocurrencies available at CEX.IO. You can buy and sell it through Euros, Dollars, Pounds and Bitcoin. You will also see detailed stories and graphs of the price history of the selected currency. All data is updated every 10 seconds, so the price you see is the real one.


In this section you will find everything related to balances and operations. You can see the Fiat or cryptocurrency balances you have. You can also carry out deposits or withdrawals. Also browsing the top tabs you can see transaction and payment history as well as the limits and commissions that apply to your account.


In this section you will find your invitation link as well as promotional material in case you have a website or blog. The invitation system of CEX.IO will allow you to earn 30% of all commissions that your guests pay in their transactions.

The commission will depend on the type of currency (euros, dollars, pounds or rubles) and payment method used (VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer or cryptocurrencies)

  • Commissions per transaction within CEX.IO

This commission is applied when buying, selling or exchanging within the platform itself. The commissions are quite low being 0.25% if you are the recipient of said transaction or 0.15% if you are the issuer. The commission is the same for any type of currency or cryptocurrency used.

  • Commissions for trading margins

These commissions will be applied when opening and closing positions while trading through trading in CEX.IO. The commission will be 0.2% at the time of opening the position, 0.01% per rollover (the part that you gain or lose by having an open position during the night). Closing the operation is free.

Is CEX.io safe?

CEX.IO is a totally safe and reliable platform. It is registered as a legal company in the United Kingdom and Wales under No. 8757996. It is also registered with FinCEN (agency that fights financial crimes) under number 31000100918094.

In addition, the platform has a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate that guarantees security when it comes to buying and selling through credit or debit cards.

Finally, indicate that CEX.IO makes available to any user the possibility of using a second security factor and app key to use the application on mobile devices. This platform also has 2FA authentication factor.

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