HitBTC is an exchange where we can exchange a large variety of cryptocurrencies with total security. This platform also allows the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies such as Euros, USD or sterling.

One of the biggest advantages of HitBTC is that it has a great experience in the market, something that seems quite interesting to us since it is always much better to be able to work with a support that has sufficient knowledge of the sector, to provide us with proven and quality services .

It appears as a very effective exchange and also supports the launch of new technologies, for this reason, HitBTC is considered as one of the exchange platforms with greatest technological contributions, a fact that facilitates the work of users and also grants More security about it.


One of its main features refers to the security of its platform, as this exchange uses 2-step authentication, which allows users to perform their operations with complete peace of mind and confidence.

In addition, software developers have found in HitBTC an excellent opportunity to develop their applications because this exchange has a very robust set of APIs that greatly facilitate the development of new trading apps.

It is recomendable for users to try operating in demo mode before getting into the real trading suystem. Most exchanges that offer “demo operations” allow us to operate with a minimum of $1 but in this case, we can make full use of the platform.

General Review

To enjoy the service it is necessary to register an account on the platform. Once you have entered your data in the system and confirmed the link from your email you can use the different features that the exchange offers.

When we have access to our account, we can start trading with different cryptocurrencies. In this way, thanks to the exchange platform we can buy and sell different currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash, etc.

As we have already said, this platform presents different tools that help us to operate in the best possible way, for this reason, HitBTC offers us price charts so that we can choose the best moment in which to carry out any operation.

HitBTC Wallet

In addition to being able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, this exchange also serves as a purse. Thanks to HitBTC we can store the cryptocurrencies we buy from the platform.

As for the wallet functions, these are the same as we can find in any other wallet like the ones we have already analyzed here. In addition to storing, we can also send cryptocurrencies to other users and of course, receive from other wallets.

As for the security of the wallet we must be calm because in following points we will see how this platform incorporates security measures that make our money totally safe (2-step authentication, cold storage, etc.).

Cryptocurrency trading

In order to use the trading tools offered by HitBTC, we must transfer the funds that we have stored in our wallet to the trading account.

With the trading account we can access a wide variety of investment instruments. In addition, this exchange will provide us with attractive quotation charts and other investment tools with which to optimize our operations.

We will also have access to the latest news related to the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin (BTC), etc. This information will help you greatly to make the right decisions when making your trading operations.

It should be noted that verifying our account on HitBTC is one of the most important processes that we must carry out when we have registered on the platform. By correctly verifying the account, we can make crypto purchases through real money and process withdrawals by bank transfer.

This exchange charges commissions of only 0.1% for each transaction made, rates much cheaper than those we can find in other cryptocurrency exchanges.

The technical support that HitBTC offers us serves so that we can solve all our doubts as quickly as possible. In case of any inconvenience, you can get in touch with the exchange team through a forum, email or tickets. In addition, there is a FAQ section where they will explain in detail the most common questions.

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