Pundi X is a project that seeks to deploy a gigantic network of outlets with which they would facilitate access to cryptoeconomics to enthusiasts, merchants and more and more users in order to reach full adoption of cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

This project of Indonesian origin is also born with a great purpose, which is to give access to financial services to the unbanked population of Indonesia, which is a vast majority. That same model can be replicated in areas of Africa and South America, without a doubt it is a practically infinite market niche.

Pundi X Team: Are they reliable?

Many people in the community recognize Pundi X is one of the most active that exists, in addition to that it is a very open team with its users and they have demonstrated it with numerous examples in which users’ requests have been answered for the benefit of the project.

Its CEO and head is Zac Cheah, trained in various technological universities and with extensive experience in the field of video games, having worked at Google and Opera. Do not hesitate to move around the world to show the possibilities of Pundi X to curious and investors.

Pitt Huang is his CTO / COO, an entrepreneur from an early age sold his first company at 25, is passionate about gadgets and a very important figure for PundiX, like its president Constantin Papadimiriou, who has extensive experience in the scope of Fintech.

PundiX CFO, Danny Lim, is a financial expert with work experience at Lenovo or Baidu. The team is closed by David Ben Kay, who is responsible for all legal and regulatory fields are met. David was in the Ethereum Foundation in Microsoft China and graduated from the University of UCLA.

This team is complemented by an infinity of ambassadors spread all over the world that does a daily work of approach to the community, recently Joao Victor, representative of PundiX in Latin America, has been named Liko Yosafat as one of the most active people within Pundi X or Gerhard Drobits, responsible for PundiX in Europe.

The NPXS Token

NPXS is the current Pundi X token, an ERC20 token, works on the Ethereum blockchain and is the gas of the PundiX platform and the one that guarantees its operation.

Initially, the Pundi X token was PXS, but after receiving countless requests from the community to make a larger fraction of it, the community decided to perform a swap, in which the user who sent a PXS received 1,000 NPXS. In that way the Pundi X metrics became more consistent for the proper functioning of the XPOS, the crown jewel.

It is very important that you know the real nature of the NPXS token, since it was not designed to become a means of payment, if it was Pundi X, the NPXS token is the gasoline of the XPOS and the element with which you can interact with both the company as with the functions of the point of sale.

You will be able to observe that the total number of Pundi X tokens is quite greater than that of most cryptocurrencies, some that see it as a brake at a considerable rise in its price, but the reality is that if the supply were lower, maybe It would be short after deploying the entire network of points of sale, which is the purpose for which the Pundi X team works.

Investing in Pundi X: A recommended experience

PundiX is currently an ERC20 token, therefore, it works on the Ethereum blockchain and like all ERC20 tokens it can be stored in a wallet compatible with that type of tokens. Therefore, the first step you have to perform is to choose well where you are going to store your NPXS.

It is recommended that you store your NPXS tokens in a wallet in which you control private keys, it may be in MyEtherWallet, using the Metamask interface or on your Ledger Nano, always depending on the security you want to work with.

What is not recommended is to store them in an Exchange. Do not forget that if you do it that way you will not have control of your private key so you will be vulnerable to the hacks of these pages and you may lose all your funds.

Once the recipient is chosen, it is important that you buy Bitcoin or Ethereum to exchange it for Pundi X, currently there is no exchange house that accepts the direct exchange between Pundi X and FIAT money.

The XPOS device

One of the elements that makes the Pundi X community more proud is the XPOS, since with that, they intend to revolutionize the revolution that Blockchain technology represents for the world. This device, reminiscent of its shape to a dataphone, allows interaction with cryptocurrencies to be simple for the user since they can pay by credit card, with XPASS, with Apps to acquire cryptocurrencies or even use the latter to exchange them for goods and services.

The implementation of this device is not merely commercial, since each one will represent a node in the future Pundi X blockchain, therefore, they are a key piece for the success of this ambitious project.

The Pundi X XPOS supports payments from cryptocurrency wallets or traditional methods such as Visa, ApplePay etc … That way the merchant can have in one device all the payment methods he accepts in his store. The merchant can also receive benefits from the ads that are placed on the XPOS screen, these ads will be paid with NPXS. In a simple way the XPOS helps merchants to facilitate the purchase operations of Bitcoin, ETH, XEM, QTUM , ACT, NEM, VERGE, BNB and many more, since even the listing of local currencies is allowed provided they have at least 5,000 users.

In addition to this, the XPOS allows you to check transactions with cryptocurrencies, premium store memberships, control inventory, control orders etc …

When the employee is going to make a transaction, such as buying Bitcoin, the user sees the price in local currency on the screen, then they scan the QR code with their purses and complete the transaction immediately. satisfactory, the XPOS prints a receipt for the customer and the merchant, like traditional dataphones. In this receipt you could also place ads, for which the merchant would also receive a commission.

It should be noted that conventional sales points usually cover a range of functionalities, such as a cash register, a credit card dataphone or software to manage inventory. PundiX XPOS is capable of doing all that and accepting and processing cryptocurrencies, thereby enriching the retail experience for both merchants and customers.

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