On September 27 to 30, a period of 72 full hour’s enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world will be able, in teams, to take part in a Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon. The teams will be competing for USD 2000 value of prizes by releasing open Source Code that employs the SLP framework. The hackathon’s website reveals particulars that the winners of the hackathon will be compensated or awarded by the event’s non-fungible tokens.

At the end of the month, participants will take part in a simple Ledger protocol virtual hackathon. This is following the immense and unprecedented growth in the SLP token universe that has moved to provide a lot of facilitating infrastructures such as exchanges and wallets. Consequently, a good number of tokens have been invented.

The Simple Ledger Protocol is an ambient token system employed by bitcoin cash network that allows individuals to undertake the creation of tokens in a consent less way. The event that will last for three days is primarily geared towards the innovation of the SLP universe concepts by the provision of incentives to interested people. It is sponsored by crypto organizations including coinflex, cryptopyl and even fountainhead which are all groups that have been engaged with SLP in one way or another and are looking for ways to make the SLP ecosystem grow and develop.

The announcement on the website reads in part, “from September 27 12 p.m. UTC until September 30 12 p.m. UTC, teams from anywhere in the world will compete to be the newest SLP token application for the Bitcoin cash blockchain.” It continues to add, “projects must have all their code written in the 72 hours of the hackathon but brainstorming beforehand is greatly advised. Code from the hackathon will be made publicly available on Github. “

When asked about an opinion on SLP in comparison to other tokens by other blockchains, JT, the event’s organizer notes that “SLP is great because it is so easy to program and cheap to use. A massive effort has gone into making it simple, and I think it is a good choice and reason for SLP’s growth.”

The hackathon organizers and facilitators have made it clear that they have done their best to make the event reachable to everyone across the world. They say this even includes developers that may be lacking in familial knowledge regarding bitcoin cash or SLP. They further add that bitcoin cash and the event will try its best in terms of provision of experienced SLP developers who will be available for consultation in the group chat on telegram.

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