The New York-based SIS International Research firm has recently announced the launch of its blockchain consulting division.

It is safe to say that 2019 has been one of the most significant years in terms of blockchain adoptions worldwide, in this case, SIS International Research has taken advantage of these qualities to annex this technology to its consulting division.

According to the publication, the division has been called SIS Blockchain, and thanks to the firm’s positioning for the services it offers, customers will now be able to obtain information and actionable strategies in this area.

The SIS International Research firm offers strategic consulting and market research services worldwide, providing comprehensive advisory solutions.

SIS Vice President of Global Operations, Michael Stanat, explained that the division is destined to become a strategic pillar for the future. In addition, he expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, especially after gaining experience in different fields.

Stanat said:

“Having worked with key education, medical care and supply chain organizations on their specific needs and the path to the adoption of blockchain, we are confident that business blockchain will become a vital part of the business strategy in the future. We look forward to working with our clients to guide them successfully towards that future. “

According to the statement, SIS has already worked in this area for two years, providing advice to large supply chain, education, healthcare, IT and cybersecurity companies, apart from other delivery and logistics iniciatives in blockchain technology implementation.

The firm said it seeks to make companies aware of the complexities and possible applications of this disruptive technology.

Based on its experience in this field, SIS developed strategic capabilities that allow it to offer business consultancies related to the application of blockchain technology, in addition to offering market research and intelligent competitiveness tools in the environment.

The SIS Blockchain firm will be operating together with the FinTech, EdTech and BeautyTech strategic consulting divisions that exist in the company, according to the press release.

Every day companies from various sectors worldwide join the application of blockchain technology and develop platforms that facilitate and improve their supply chains, as is the case in the food sector.

About a month ago it was published that the University College of London (known as UCL) had conducted a study showing that the food sector is the one that has developed most of the projects with blockchain technology to improve the traceability of food products.

The report was developed by the UCL Blockchain Technology Center, along with the Blockchain Retail Consortium, studying around 105 different projects that applied DLT technology in areas such as food tracking, logistics, financial transactions, retail operations and circular economy.

According to the results of the report, most of the projects would be using this technology for monitoring or traceability of food products, followed by logistics operations projects and then financial transactions. The study also revealed that more than half of the projects in different commercial sectors use private blockchain networks.

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