Bitcoin cash, BCH consumer adoption continues to grow but in specific regions worldwide such as Australia, Japan and New Hampshire, the BCH trend in terms of acceptance is growing immensely. As each area pushes for BCH adoption in a variety of unique ways, the Republic of Slovenia has seen massive retail approval as the payment processor and Eligma has relentlessly spread greater awareness throughout the country.

On Thursday, Eligma made a move announcing the company’s gocrypto service, which will serve 500 mostly physical merchant locations in Slovenia. The southern Central European country Slovenia is as of current experiencing the most bitcoin cash acceptance and adoption worldwide. There exist about 2 million residents living in Slovenia, and as such, digital currency acceptance in the country is on the rise.

Last year alone cryptocurrency fans were introduced to bitcoin city, which is a 475000 square metre shop in and financial centre in the country. The shopping complex has helped a lot in implementing a major amount of crypto adoption along payment service enigma, which supports seamless and secure capital payments through its products such as Elly and gocrypto.

Afterwards, Eligma continued bolstering digital currency adoption throughout Slovenia and launched onboard merchants in Croatia. In September of 2019, Eligma drummed up four million Euros in funding from investors including Pangea blockchain fund and This was followed with Eligma launching its payment infrastructure by the name of gocrypto, and on October 10, the company announced it already had 500 physical locations that were using and implementing the gocrypto framework.

Eligma made a move to explain on Thursday “after officially entering the market last September, our gocrypto infrastructure has reached a fantastic milestone: 500 mostly physical gocrypto locations in several countries. In the history of the near, our home base has become the country with the highest number of physical locations that accept crypto in the world. “

The announcement of 500 merchant locations indicates the presence gocrypto has in Slovenia and Croatia. Additionally, the Startup indicates that it is now entering a slew of other areas cutting across the globe. The company insists that the firm is making its way into Serbia and Turkey but also has plans underway to expand into Argentina, Australia, Columbia, Ghana, Romania and Venezuela. Additionally, Eligma is also seeking types of businesses that are interested in the prospects of accepting digital assets for goods and services. In April of 2019, the team managed to partner with a taxi company by the name of intaxi, thereby allowing people to purchase rides with cryptocurrencies.

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