It seems that there is no stopping the use of blockchain for fighting the prevalence of fake degrees from University Mills and those that impersonate degrees from legitimate universities. The reason blockchain is being applied in the sense is because it creates an irrefutable ledger of everyone who has graduated from a specific institution and using a QR code to scan, this information can be verified within seconds rather than having the university manually verifying every request they receive.

Earlier it was reported that the Malaysian Ministry of education was looking to implement a blocked initiative that would have all diplomas and degrees issued within the country recorded on a national blockchain that could be used for easy verification following in the footsteps of the University of Barhain. Now, the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland seems to be the next institution to follow in this footstep as it was announced on September 19, 2019 that they will be looking into a blockchain pilot that will confirm the authenticity of degrees.

Authenticity and Blockchain

This development is in a necessitated by the fact that degree fraud is a growing problem worldwide and institutions are taking it up on themselves to combat them before they get any worse and blockchain might just be the missing piece of this puzzle.

“I saw that it could be necessary and it could be a valid use case to transfer or to make easier to validate our diplomas based on a digital process on blockchain,” said the university’s CIO Harald Rotter. 

To move forward with this new development, the university has partnered with Blockfactory, a local company that will enable identification of all their certificates via the Ethereum blockchain. This sharp increase in blockchain identification for certificates could very well be the next phase in securing educational credentials as everyone within the ecosystem benefits from its use. Employers can verify the credentials of those will apply for jobs instantaneously and will not be tricked by fraudulent people, Universities can protect the reputation of the institutions and make sure that no one is misrepresenting them with fake degrees and job seekers can also have their employment process streamlined.

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