The rush for digital currency and blockchain innovations has been on the rise in the recent few years. Much of this can is attributed to the fact that the crypto industry is estimated to be an innovation expected to be among the fastest-growing technological and financial disruptions as of present. Every day new startups are joining the bandwagon of the cryptocurrency industry and the blockchain innovation.

As a trend, global Enterprises and giant corporations also want a piece of the pie in regards to the crypto industry and the blockchain innovation. Among the latest entrants into the crypto ecosystem are the likes of social media giants and communication enterprises such as Facebook and Telegram. Facebook was the first to announce its launch of Libra and soon after, Telegram, which boasts of being the world’s fastest messaging app, joined in the league.

The announcement that Telegram was going to release a cryptocurrency of its own, the possibility, is now a reality as Telegram has made the announcement that its blockchain project, TON, has now made it into the final preparation phase before going live. The code for operating the blocks was released on the network’s test portal on Friday. Interested members and developers on the messaging app can presently start exploring a validator node and the blockchain explorer.

The release was initially set for September 1, as per the sources within the project but faced a delay of a few days for unknown reasons that are yet to be made clear. As per Mitja Goroshevsky, the chief technology officer of TON Labs, there currently exists about 100 nodes that are maintained by Telegram on the test portal.

Numerous minute nodes that are under maintenance by the CTO’s startup are also available. “Source code for a full node that can access test net, create and validate blocks has been released. Lite client was released several months ago. TON Labs will release a public beta of its advanced tools on Monday.” Mitja Goroshevsky reporting.

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