It is very likely that US regulators were stunned after the show of bravery and rebellion by Telegram to launch their desktop wallet for the Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet today.

Starting today, those users who wish may download the test application for Windows, MacOS, and 64-bit Linux on the official Telegram website.

It is worth mentioning that, users may receive “test” Grams, however these are not the real ones. Therefore, theoretically Telegram is not breaking the agreement with the SEC that is not to sell or distribute the tokens.

Recall that since we learned about TON, Telegram promised its investors that before October 31, the Blockchain network would be integrated into its messaging application. And, through the launch of Test Gram Wallet, he has done it, or at least it is something.

The reason why the Russian instant messenger company has not fulfilled its promise due to the claim made by the SEC against it, so it was agreed not to sell or distribute the tokens until after the hearing, which It will take place in February.

“Now you have a wallet that only you control, directly, without intermediaries or bankers,” the application tells new users.

At the moment the application only accepts Grams, there are no signs of the integration of other cryptos in the wallet.

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