Telegram has spoken about Grams and its TON blockchain. These statements have been made through a communicate from Telegram itself and have been necessary to clarify doubts about the project.

Telegram from the outset decided not to talk about these rumors while they work so that TON can operate in a lawful manner under laws and regulations. Due to the uncertainty and confusion that these ramones are causing Telegram has issued this statement.

The statement begins by describing TON along with Grams. They point out that this will be a complement to traditional currencies, improving their speed, efficiency and safety.

It is not possible to buy or sell Grams (for now)

Telegram has detected some exchanges through which Grams can already be acquired. This really what they offer is the pre-sale of the same token. These sites are not official nor are they related to Telegram or TON. The blockchain TON is still in tests so until it starts the sale of Grams will not be available.

TON will be decentralized for use and maintenance of third parties

Telegram has stated that they are not committed to developing applications within the TON blockchain. In this way after its launch, Telegram will not contribute to the blockchain in any way. The objective is to create a decentralized external development platform exclusively for third parties.

Telegram will have no control over TON

The TON blockchain will be public and open source, after its launch. Telegram will cease to have any relationship with it and will become as relevant as any other party. Telegram employees can obtain Grams and store them freely, but they cannot participate in the voting for the future of the same.

The Grams token is not focused on storing value

Grams is meant to be a medium of exchange and not to value storage. This clarifies that Grams is not part, as if it were an action, of Telegram.

When acquiring Grams, it must be done knowing that these tokens can increase their value or even that it reaches zero. This statement has clarified many aspects in which there was no clear answer to date.

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