Two of the most controversial figures within cryptocurrency are undoubtedly Tether and Craig Wright. Tether has been the subject of many scandals such as the New York Attorney General‘s office investigation that revealed that all their tokens were not backed up with US dollars as previously claimed as well as their colluding with Bitfinex to hide with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Craig Wright, on the other hand, is a computer scientist who has claimed for a significant amount of time to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin and is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with a late scientist’s estate in which it is alleged that he stole billions of dollars in bitcoin from him. 

While both are currently embroiled in their own legal cases, their paths seem to have crossed now as it was announced on November 8, 2019 that’s Tether will be supporting crypto podcaster Peters McCormack in his lawsuit against Craig Wright.

Joining Forces 

In the announcement of their support for McCormack, Stuart Hoegner, who is the general counsel for Tether and Bitfinex, announced that both companies reject Wright’s repeated claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

“Wright has had myriad opportunities to prove that he is Satoshi and has not definitively done so,” he said. 

Back in April 2019, Wright filed a libel claim against McCormack after he called him a fraud for claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto and this led to backlash from within the community as his flagship token, bitcoin SV, was delisted from several prominent exchanges such as Kraken and Binance.

According to Hoegner, the firm’s supports for McCormack is beyond words but he did not specify just what action the company intends to use to support McCormack.

“Litigation can be drawn-out and expensive, but we are committed to the long game. We admire Peter’s conviction and are humbled to support his defense against what we see as frivolous and vexatious litigation,” he said. 

Over the years, Wright has made a number of prominent enemies within the crypto industry due to his endless scandals  and antics and now it seems Tether has been added to that extensive list. Now, only time will tell just how far the case will go and what the end result will be.

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