The administration of the stablecoin Tether (USDT) project has pledged to donate one million dollars to help victims of Hurricane Dorian, which devastated the northeastern part of the Bahamas, causing significant damage in the southern areas of the United States and the Atlantic region of Canada.

Tether made the announcement on Tuesday through his website and through his Twitter account, where in addition to sharing his commitment they commented that donations will be made through a non-profit charitable organization called Deltec Cares, which is already working to help Hurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas region.

Tether statements before the tragedy

In the event of Hurricane Dorian, one of the most powerful storms that has reached the Atlantic lands, Tether is committed to helping in the recovery and reconstruction of The Bahamas. Tether will be donating a million dollars to help those affected by the hurricane through Deltec Cares.

It is not the first charitable work in the world of cryptocurrencies, however, it is the first time in the hands of Tether. In the announcement made on their website, they comment that they have also established an address to donate tether (USDT) in order to help the community of the Bahamas recover from the tragedy caused by Hurricane Dorian. In the statement, they invite members of the Tether community to join the initiative, sending donations to Omni’s USDT addresses and a USDT ERC-20 address. Tether commented on this:

“We invite our clients to support relief efforts by sending USDT to the following addresses (…) All donations will be sent to Deltec Cares (in USDT, or preferably in cash) to help those in need recover from the devastation.”

It should be noted that Tether has also had a banking relationship with Deltec Bank and Trust Limited, an entity whose head office is established in The Bahamas.

Tether took a space in the statement to specify the functions of Deltec Cares, where he defines it as a non-profit charitable organization that was created to support those who strive to offer immediate recovery and long-term assistance, necessary to Help survivors recover and recover from natural disaster.

In connection with this topic, last week the charitable unit of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange began a campaign to help victims of Hurricane Dorian.

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