Over the last few years, blockchain has certainly found its place within the tourism industry as it has been used via crypto to facilitate the buying and selling of travel-related products and services, has been used to store customer information for major airlines such as Air Canada and has also been used to tailor the customer experience. When most think of applications of blockchain, tourism might not immediately spring to mind as its application there may not be entirely obvious but they have been various successful projects within the travel and tourism industry that have been based on blockchain technology. 

Thailand intends to apply blockchain into the electronic e-visa on arrival process in order to speed up the application and approval process and also to make it easier for the millions of people that visit the country each year from over 20 countries.

Welcome to Thailand 

This new project is a collaboration between ShareRing and Gateway Services, who is the company that owns the rights for the processing of e-visas in Thailand and when this new product rolls out, it will focus on visitors from India and China in its initial stage. 

The current visa on arrival process takes place in airports and requires passengers to bring several documents such as the return tickets, proof of accommodation and so on. This process often takes up to an hour to complete and this new technology intends to streamline it as well as speed up the process. Because there are some risks that are associated with digitalized processes, Gateway services will be applying blockchain to the process in that all information will be stored on a single blockchain file and this saves a great amount of time in having to verify all the information that is provided and this, in turn, benefits both the government and the tourists.

“We see this as a blueprint for possible expansion to other countries. It’s not a process that will be rushed though, as we need to make sure we get it right here before entering other countries,” said the CEO of ShareRing, on the possibility of mass expansion.

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