Hong Kong has been witnessing demonstrations and go-slows for about the last 80 days. This, however, is not the case in as far as crypto adoption is concerned in the country. In the midst of the protests, individual persons and groups are moving to push for cryptocurrency adoption in the area. Specifically, one organization known as Genesis block has been reported to distribute bottles of water and umbrellas to demonstrators pursuing the protests in the streets of Hong Kong.

The genesis block is widely known to have a cryptocurrency working area in the Wan Chai District and is listed as to be among one of the organizations that mined the first bitcoin cash blocks in August 2017. The Genesis block serves to promote a range of digital assets but tends to lean more to the side of peer-to-peer digital cash system BCH, which is receiving a lot of promotion from their end.

In a bid to encourage the crypto facilities in the region, Genesis block has made a move to install 14 cryptocurrency teller machines that are automated, throughout the country. In the wake of the prolonged protests, Genesis block distributed out water bottles to protesters, which had a BCH logo and the water bottle label read in part “free water.” Next to the BCH logo, the water bottle contains a QR code, which, when scanned redirects individuals to the website bch-hkg.com.

This is a web portal that explains more on bitcoin cash and enlightens the people from Hong Kong as to how to download and access a wallet and even use BCH to spread freedom. The translated messages on the website States in part; “bitcoin cash, BCH, was created to achieve the original purpose of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system – bitcoin cash is fast, inexpensive and reliable as it is a medium of exchange and store of value.”

The genesis block is but one organization among the many that are taking advantage of the protests in Hong Kong streets to push the agenda of adoption of cryptocurrencies and the crypto Industry. It has been reported that following the government’s unwavering stance as regards the protests a number of protesters are beginning to rethink their position as far as government-issued Fiat is concerned. With the promising prospects of freedom and control over one’s finances the crypto space and the crypto industry is beginning to look more and more lucrative to the residents of Hong Kong, and such moves by organizations like Genesis block only serve to affirm these ideas. As it stands, crypto adoption is already on the rise in Hong Kong.

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