Craig Wright led a crusade in which he claimed to be the renowned Satoshi Nakamoto, which caused a negative impact against him among members of the community. At the time, Binance would eliminate BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) from its trading platform. The decision followed the days of unease when one Craig Wright seemed to cause a great deal of disturbance in the crypto world. As we reported in our publication.

Crypto Community Vs Craig Wright

A few days ago, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that Craig Wright is not the real Satoshi Nakamoto and should stop threatening people.

He challenged him to publish the private keys used to sign letters and documents by the true Satoshi. Zhao also warned Craig and his BSV camp that Binance would eliminate BSV if they continued to alter order in the crypto community.

Well, it seems that Craig didn’t hear any of that when he came forward to send even more legal letters, which led Binance to announce the removal of BSV from his platform. Within a few hours of the announcement, the crypto market as a whole lost 6 billion dollars.

On the one hand, it is fair to note that the initial battle was not between Craig and Binance, but between Craig and who disagrees with his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. Craig has stated on many occasions that he is the real Satoshi and sent warning letters that threaten to sue anyone who disagrees with his claim.

Craig has threatened crypto journalists and popular Twitter users, the last of which is Hodlonaut. Hodlonaut is famous for starting the now popular Bitcoin Lightning Antorch. After the threats issued by Craig against Hodlonaut, many other crypto fans have changed their Twitter IDs to “Hodlonaut” and started a special contribution account in support of this person.

After shocks

After the news of the exclusion of BSV, the market suffered a shock, as many of the best 20 active crypto fell by a few single-digit percentages. However, for BSV, it was a total dump of 20%. On the other hand, the market now seems to have absorbed the blow and is currently recovering.

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