This past Monday Tobias Ruck, a software developer announced the introduction of Nimbus. It will serve as a new transaction version for the BCH chain. The introduction and announcement was made via a demonstration video that he oversaw. This presentation follows a shorter version that Ruck showcased at the recently concluded Bitcoin Cash City Conference.

As per the developer, the transaction version could be the forerunner of even more sophisticated smart contract capabilities and potential on the BCH network.

Tobias Ruck is a renowned researcher and developer operating within the BCH community. He boasts several well to do projects such as the SLP Agora auction console. The SLP Agora is the blog on which he displays his programming endeavors. He previously used the blog to demonstrate his concept of an onchain chess game.

He has now revealed the plans for the launch of a new project, as above mentioned. Nimbus is primarily geared to become an alternative go to option for transactions of BCH. The programmer made a point of explaining in his programming video that the name choice was made in reference to the weather. It should be noted that a number of protocols such as Avalanche and Storm have been named after the weather.

He says that he intends “to make it rain” with the new project Nimbus, and this is of course in terms of Bitcoin Cash transactions. “In the areas where Bitcoin Cash could shine — Gambling, games, exchanges, and oracles,” Ruck detailed in his video explaining the new Nimbus project. “Bitcoin Cash isn’t capable of so many smart contracts at the moment so I’ve worked on a few changes to the Bitcoin Cash protocol and I’ve given it a fabulous name — Nimbus.” The developer is quoted as adding

The programmer went further to explicate the imperative of his new project. He noted that the transaction count for ETH games: Gods Unchained (500 txn per day) and (3000 txn per day) were just examples of how a well-utilized BCH network for transactions could have much potential for the projects on the network. He says that a number of games could be made more profitable via the utilization of BCH transactions.

“Profiting games would be able to lower their costs and for gambling, the pattern is the same, and it would benefit the same way from Nimbus — For exchanges and oracles, there’s also great potential for smart contracts as well,” Tobias Ruck, the project developer insisted.

In discussing the numerous possibilities that could come with his new project, Nimbus, the question was begged of whether a decentralized stablecoin smart contract system could be possible with Bitcoin Cash. The developer responded to this by saying that “Building a decentralized stablecoin like protocol like Maker DAO on Bitcoin Cash would be very complicated but with the right tools and support it shouldn’t be much more difficult than building it on Ethereum.”

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