The director of the charity Foundation of the professional skateboarder Tony Hawk talked about the importance of Bitcoin for the organization, as well as the meeting of both cultures: skateboard and Bitcoin.

In a recent interview with the Bitcoin Magazine media, skate veteran and director of the Tony Hawk Foundation, Miki Vuckovich, discussed the relationship between the two cultures.

For Vuckovich, both digital currencies and skateboarding have been stigmatized since its inception.

In the case of skateboarding, possibly because it is a sport that was born in 1950 as an alternative of surfing for the city and asphalt. Something that was strange for experts in water sports, but that was in tune with the nascent urban culture of California at that time.

On the other hand, Bitcoin was born in 2009 as a form of decentralized money amid financial collapse in the US. UU. In a certain way, and similarly, Bitcoin and skate are born as a new alternative to old established schemes. The interesting thing that happens with both movements is that they are reinterpreting the lands on which they develop, Vuckovich said:

I think skateboarding is quite disruptive. Public spaces are made for pedestrians and cars, but skaters come and reinterpret those spaces. There is a certain disturbance that occurs with skateboarding. Skating parks are a reaction to that in a way […] In the same way, governments and regulators don’t know what to do with Bitcoin. It has a similar spirit and reputation, so I think there are many parallels in the nature of both.

Skateboarding and Bitcoin: an option for donations

But skateboarding and Bitcoin are not only related by their ways of breaking into their spaces and causing paradigm changes. For the Tony Hawk Foundation, dedicated to building skating parks in low-income communities, cryptocurrency is crucial.

The organization expanded to Bitcoin for the first time in June 2019. Since then, Tony Hawk Foundation has been receiving numerous donations in BTC thanks to agreements with Bitpay and OpenNode services.

In fact, Vuckovich suggests that this crypto alternative has become a “more significant percentage of our donations.” While this method has increased since its adoption last year, the foundation stands out for its broad options for receiving financial support.

We try to give people more options than just cash; You know, people can donate their cars or sell items on eBay. Bitcoin is another new option for donors because we know that people who intuitively understand our work are much more likely to use Bitcoin.

For the foundation, the integration of digital currencies was a way of “being at the forefront”, however, they were not expected to receive so many donations in the cryptocurrency. But the skater community and Bitcoin enthusiasts seem to get along very well. In fact, Tony Hawk himself is a technology enthusiast and this year he will be one of the speakers at the Bitcoin 2020 conference to be held in San Francisco.

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