August 16, 2019, saw founder and CEO of TRON ecosystem, Justin sun announcing his intentions to create a better blockchain World. He also riled up users to give feedback on the next decentralized application that they would want to see on the ecosystem in the future. On the same day, the TRON foundation shared the latest app review. The report revealed that it had growing dominance in the ecosystem as well as the increased use of smart contracts which surged to 1362 last week.

The report highlighted the addition of a couple of decentralized applications by the name of TRON Name Service, TNS and Zethyr exchange. TRON Name Service is a domain name system based on the TRON blockchain. It works on smart contracts and is capable of resolving any domain name to its corresponding hash address. It is also believed to reduce human errors and make it quite easy for users to navigate through numerous features of the blockchain.

Zethyr exchange, a decentralized exchange based on the Tron blockchain is another new addition to the TRON decentralized applications family. The decentralized exchange promises high asset security as only the user has access to the assets with zero trading fee.

Users of the exchange can also stake the native tokens to earn dividends on a weekly basis. The TRON Foundation CEO, Justin Sun also shares the opinion that the recently released Sun Network will be intended to create a more wholesome environment for the growth of the decentralized applications and is the reason as to why there is umpteen decentralized chain features loaded onto the network.

The latest release from the organization states in part “the Dapps chain is committed to providing a highly flexible, well configured, highly-customizable multi side chain system for all eco participants. Highly customizable is also one key feature different from the Main Chain.”

TRON is happy about its partnership with Tether. With the platform’s planned move in the near future to issue a USD pegged coin USDT on the TRON platform, it can so far be said that everything is going according to the plan. Although Tether might not be doing well as of present TRON reveals that it is happy to be working with it as the partnership will enhance TRON’s ecosystem.

In the recent post, TRON highlighted that the partnership enhanced TRON’s ecosystem. It also advanced the overall value storage and brought more liquidity to the DEX. Finally, it “provided more convenient access to blockchain for business partners and institutional investors.”

The TRON Foundation is working round the clock to make a better blockchain world. The recent partnership with Tether is a significant milestone in that direction, and so is the addition of the two new decentralized applications on the TRON ecosystem.

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