While most of the interactions of the crypto and blockchain community with the outside world tend to be in the areas of finance, commerce and so on, there has been some intertwining between the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency and the world of politics. Usually, it involves a person who has previously worked in politics being brought on board to a blockchain or crypto company for a management position and this is believed to be a way towards clearing regulatory pathways towards cryptocurrency.

Recently, it was announced that Kelly Loeffler, who is the CEO of Bakkt, will be appointed as a senator in the US state of Georgia. Should she be appointed by Georgia Governor Brian, she will be only the second woman to serve in the Senate in the state of Georgia and some believe this is in a bid to appeal the Republican Party more towards women.

Not on Board

Besides appealing to women, there has also been talk of Loeffler financing some of the party’s activities with her personal fortune which could help break fundraising efforts.

Thus far, Loeffler has stated that should she be appointed, she will stay in line with Republican values and will shut down the border and work against human trafficking while protecting national interests.

“If chosen, I will stand with President Trump, Senator David Perdue, and you to Keep America Great,” she said. 

The seat that Loeffler intends to occupy is currently occupied by another politician but he will be departing his role next year due to health challenges and it is believed that her appointment will be announced as early as next week during a press conference. However, it seems President Donald Trump and others within the Republican Party are not completely sold on Loeffler’s appointment as they are allegedly favoring Doug Collin instead as he has a strong track record of support for issues such as gun rights and so on. Also, it is believed that Loeffler is too moderate and despite a meeting with her, President Trump and the governor last week, the president does not seem completely sold on the idea.

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