As much as there is discussion about various countries implementing blockchain technology on a larger scale and developing their own cryptocurrencies such as China, the Bahamas, and Canada, it should also be noted that cities and various regions are also doing this. This has been seen in North Korea in which some provinces have developed their own regional cryptocurrency and even in Venice where blockchain is being used for a number of public innovations. This just goes to show that the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are being discovered in many parts of the globe.

One of the latest of this is the city of Konya in Turkey which is developing blockchain innovations for the population of the city and also looking into cryptocurrency.

Crypto Comes to Turkey 

Even though Konya is best known for its historical sites and cultural heritage, it has recently unveiled its “Science and Technology Valley,” which is under the umbrella of the Konya Science Center and this will be used for blockchain development that will be applied across the city. 

According to a January 16, 2020 announcement by Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay which was made by a city congress in Ankara, the city intends to not only develop blockchain for public service use but will also develop its own token and build an ecosystem around it. According to Dr. Ali Osman Çıbıkdiken, head of Konya Science and Technology Valley, one of the priorities for the team was looking for ways in which blockchain could fund social causes. They intend to use the blockchain to store funds for social good and are hoping to be an inspiration to local governments around the world.

“The cryptocurrency we are currently developing will be used in social aid programs, municipal corporations’ activities, public transport, and environmental services. This blockchain-based local ecosystem will serve the Konya citizens. The project will also see the development of a payment system to enable crypto in many municipal services,” he said.

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