According to people close to the company’s decisions, Twitter would be adding a native feature that would allow tips in Bitcoin.

Some sources indicate that the social network Twitter would be considering the possibility of tipping directly in Bitcoin.

According to several crypto media, it would be a surprise if a native function that allows to exchange tips between users is not offered in cryptocurrencies. Given the love of Jack Dorsey for cryptocurrencies, it would probably be a crypto tip sistem.

Twitter would allow Bitcoin tips via Square

Two people “familiar with the decisions” within Twitter say the company is considering adding a native feature that allows one user to tip (tipping) another.

Buying weekly up to USD 10,000 in bitcoins for March 2019, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a well-known Bitcoin supporter. Even Dorsey once said: “Bitcoin will become the official currency of the Internet”

Dorsey’s other companies, Square and Square Crypto, have also bet heavily on Bitcoin. The Square Cash application generated USD $148 million in sales in bitcoins only in the third quarter of 2019. Square Crypto, on the other hand, works to make Bitcoin “a daily use currency with widespread adoption.”

Recently, Square also hired a product manager to add new possible features to its cash application, including “self-investment” and “BTC gifts” between peers.

Tipping.Me and Square

The Bitcoin tip platform of the Lightning network already offers Twitter users the ability to send and receive tips on the social network.

Already with 13,000 downloads by February 2019, it works through an extension from the Lightning Network that allows micropayments. However, the new tip feature would be integrated into Twitter natively to make it even easier to send and receive Bitcoin.

While it’s still unclear, sources indicate that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will involve his second company, Square, to facilitate payments.

This new development may be one of Dorsey’s contributions to expand the reach of Bitcoin. It would be just one of the main changes Dorsey has in mind for Twitter.

Tips on Twitter through Brave

The Brave browser was incorporating a tip system on Twitter through Brave’s Nightly. The system is aimed at verified Brave Browser users in their rewards service, Brave Rewards.

Over the past summer, the browser added support for sending tips via Twitter to content creators. The measure seeks to promote the creation of quality content, allowing people to remunerate the author through payments with BAT tokens.

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