There are many things that are indicative of the situation in terms of pop culture and mass acceptance in the media. One of these is emojis. While emojis might be brushed off as simply animated characters used in texting, there has been a lot of controversy and debate surrounding them. When more diversity was being pushed for within the media, one of the signs of progress was the addition of emojis with varying skin tones, sexual orientation, professions, and features. As cryptocurrency has continued to progress, one development that has been called for is this acceptance onto common communication platforms and this includes the addition of emojis for popular cryptocurrencies.

It seems these requests have been taken so heart as Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, recently unveiled the bitcoin emoji for Twitter and urged for more developments to take place in that regard.

The Emoji Debate 

This new development was unveiled on February to 2020 when the Twitter CEO sent out a tweet which included the newly unveiled bitcoin emoji and tagged Unicode, which is the organization behind characterization standards, to follow in this development. The implication of this tweet is that whenever a person on Twitter types the word bitcoin, a bitcoin emoji will pop up as an option to be used in place of the word. This helps to bring cryptocurrency more into the mainstream and is on-brand with Dorsey, who has always been a supporter of bitcoin and crypto in general.

Following his tweeting of the emoji, many within the crypto community began to test it to show its efficiency with major personalities such as Changpeng Zhao and the lightning network founder Elizabeth Stark. While this might seem like a small step, the making of cryptocurrency into a mainstream concept that is as easily tweeted about like any other financial tool is gravely important to the progress of cryptocurrency. For the longest time, crypto was an underground community that did not receive a great deal of mainstream attention but as this changes, there is the need to be able to communicate about cryptocurrency on mainstream platforms with something as simple as an emoji.

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