The alliance between Ubisoft and Ultra will bring EOS Blockchain technology to the company’s next releases.

The French video game creator Ubisoft formalized an alliance with the startup Ultra, which develops its own Blockchain network based on EOS technology.

According to information published in a press release this week, Ubisoft will use the Blockchain network developed by Ultra, also known as UOS, to which it will support and assist in the development process while passing from the testnet phase to the mainnet.

Following this agreement is the blockchain management of Ubisoft, whose director recognized Ultra’s efforts in the development of technological products and assured that they will actively collaborate to carry out some experiments that adapt to the network for high-end games.

Among Ubisoft’s plans is the use of the UOS network to facilitate the creation of unique assets in the game, so that users can transfer properties and use payment channels for these digital products.

Alliance confirmed: Ubisoft and Ultra establish blockchain-based cooperation

Originally, the first unconfirmed reports on Ubisoft’s plans emerged in mid-June, when the French news agency Les Échos said the company could plan to implement the use of Blockchain technology in the launch of some of its games.

In the past, Ubisoft reported in a published report that it had very good prospects in relation to Blockchain technology, especially that developed by Ethereum since it has a lot of use cases in the videogame ecosystem.

However, the fact that Ubisoft paints an alliance with a company linked to EOS surprises some members in the community, while others look forward to this cooperation since Ultra would be developing a network specially adapted for the entertainment world, which would avoid the inconveniences of scalability and latency seen in the Ethereum Blockchain.

This joint work is the first time that an important videogame developer company has established an alliance with a Blockchain company, precisely to incorporate this technology into its next releases.

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