Ubisoft, known as one of the largest gaming companies in the world, responsible for the super games of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six has decided to bet on the present and future of blockchain technology.

Nowadays, Ubisoft is changing things a bit in its business model, in the world of video games it has always been linked to the world of technology, and as in the technological sector but investing in innovation it is very likely that the obsolescence knocks very quickly on the door and with it the disappearance and bankruptcy.

It is well known that, since for 4 years Ubisoft continues with the laboratory of new projects (startups), called Entrepreneurs Lab, in which it invests in an incubation program to see if in the future they have something to offer. And it is no secret to anyone that startups focused on Blockchain technology have been their favorites since recent years.

This Entrepreneurs Lab incubation program provides support and a space for the study of the potential of Startups that work with any type of cutting-edge and disruptive technology, such as Virtual Reality technology, Augmented Reality, Big Data, AI, and more recently the blockchain. Ubisoft values ​​innovation, as evidenced by its Entrepreneurs Lab program.

The video game giant began the fourth season of this program with a total of 10 startups involved, of which 8 of these are companies that are working hard on Blockchain technology. Although it may be said that some of them do not have a focus on video games, at least not with the naked eye, but for some reason Ubisoft has chosen them.

Other blockchain initiatives in the video games industry

  • Mighty Jaxx

This startup is a toy design studio based in Singapore 🇸🇬, it also has an online headquarters and another in the Asian country to create action figures, figurines, limited edition toys, and other collectibles.

His business model is that any artist with some talent in 3D modeling can bring his designs to life on this platform, professionals and amateurs.

This company bases its functions on the Blockchain that assigns a tamper-proof certificate to each object created, and also helps to register each object.

Mighty Jaxx has worked the heavyweights like DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and in July he has announced a bond issue which managed to raise $ 1.6 million.

  • Azarus

The confidence in this Startup is justified, and has a lot to do with the world of videogames. It is designed to increase the interaction of video game players on Twitch’s most famous streaming platform with its followers.

This Startup allows you to insert interactive questions to viewers in live broadcasts. People who can answer the questions correctly will get paid in the AZA token of the same company.

These viewer-focused minigames are registered within the EOS Blockchain, one of the cryptocurrency’s most important cryptocurrencies and one of the so-called Ethereum Killer. The service only works at the moment on Twitch with the Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege game.

Azarus raised $1.8 million in the month of March with this important and famous game.

  • Caregame

This Startup based in the capital of France 🇫🇷, is creating a decentralized model of data distribution for games in the cloud, a name a bit long.

This will allow users to access the games immediately without waiting for some kind of download, or if their physical storage allows it.

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