It is often discussed that blockchain will likely be one of the leading technologies of the future and this goes just beyond cryptocurrency and touches on the pure distributed ledger technology itself as it has seen great applications in many commercial and noncommercial sectors around the globe. This, however, means that they will be the need for a new generation of blockchain experts who help to develop the technology as well as implement it across several sectors and this, by extension, means that there is a greater need for blockchain education at a higher level. A number of universities have, so far, offered blockchain-related courses such as the University of Tokyo and the University of Malta. 

One of the latest of these is the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) which recently concluded its first accredited course in blockchain and distributor ledger technology.

Blockchain Education 

The course was taught as part of a computer course at the College of Creative Studies, and this was facilitated by a number of requests from the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation. The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation is an organization made up of students, professors, and other individuals who seek to promote the acceleration of blockchain in the wider world and part of this is true the encouragement of universities to teach a blockchain at an institutional level.

According to Blockchain at UCSB co-founder and Blockchain Acceleration Foundation president Cameron Dennis, blockchain technology has seen greater popularity on the college campus but many students were unable to learn about it outside of meetings and thus, he petitioned the university to create a dedicated course for blockchain and his efforts have proved successful.

“My goal with this course was to teach radically-curious computer science students about compelling blockchain use-cases that can disrupt society’s most entrenched institutions while revolutionizing corporate governance,” he said. 

The course was taught by Professor Murat Karaorman and in the process, a number of notable speakers were also introduced to the students such as co-founder of Orchid Labs and creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman; Research Scientist at Protocol Labs, Evan Miyazono; Head of Backend Services at MakerDAO, Niklas Kunkel; and CBC Casper Researcher at Ethereum Foundation, Aditya Asgaonkar.

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