The senior UN official said that Blockchain could reinforce the work done by the institution in many countries around the world.

Antonio Guterres, who currently holds the position of Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), claimed that the international organization should incorporate Blockchain technology to improve its operation.

The statements came in place in a statement sent by Guterres to the Forbes news agency, where the official described Blockchain as a fundamental component to reinforce the work done by the UN in many countries around the world.

In this regard, Guterres commented:

“For the United Nations to better fulfill its functions in the digital age, we must adopt technologies such as Blockchain that can help accelerate the achievement of the goals for sustainable development.”

UN and Blockchain technology

Originally the UN presented in 2015 an action plan in favor of people, the planet and peace among the governments of the world. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals set a series of global goals, respecting the particular development levels of each country.

Under the aforementioned plan, the Project Breakthrough consulting company generated a series of executive reports on disruptive technologies, with the aim of helping other organizations and companies understand how new technologies could be applied to advance the Sustainable Development Goals , highlighting the usefulness of Blockchain and other advances for this work.

For his part, Guterres also spoke about the usefulness of this technology to strengthen confidence in the management of funds in 2018. At that time the official also took advantage of the space to highlight the usefulness of digital currencies as a means to finance projects, aspect in UNICEF already has some advanced ground since it already has donation programs in Bitcoin and Ether.

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