One of the biggest criticisms of cryptocurrency is that it is used for the facilitation of illegal activities and when this topic is discussed, one of the common arguments is its use across the dark web for the sale of illegal items and so on. The dark web is an aspect of the Internet that is not accessible through traditional browsers and offers an unprecedented level of anonymity and many unscrupulous people have taken advantage of this and created markets where illegal drugs, weapons and so on as sold and cryptocurrency has become a tool of choice in making these payments due to its greater levels of privacy.

Naturally, these incidences can turn quite deadly as it was reported on October 3, 2019 that a former Iraqi US Army interpreter has been sentenced to 30 years in prison without the option of parole due to his part in selling fentanyl over the dark web and this led to the death of a US Marine.

Dark Web Secrets 

The interpreter whose name is Alaa Mohammed Allawi played guilty to the charges of selling illegal drugs such as Fentanyl over the dark web on the market place called Alpha Bay that is now defunct and he also stated that he received the payment for these illegal drugs inform of cryptocurrency.

This came to a head when a US Marine died after taking one of the pills he had acquired from Allawi in 2017 while stationed at a base in North Carolina. This led to a series of events that has eventually resulted in Allawi being charged and sentenced to prison for his actions.

“From his use of the dark web, to his clandestine manufacturing of counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl, to his drug sales targeting college students, Allawi operated with little concern for the people in our communities,” said Special agent, Will Glaspy. 

This incident touches a number of issues some of which are the use of cryptocurrency across the dark web and also the opioid crisis that is currently prevalent within the United States. Cryptocurrency, like all financial tools, can be exploited for illegal activities and even as America battles this opioid crisis, discussion will likely pop up on the rolecryptocurrency has to play and how incidents like these can be avoided.

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