Unfortunately, the cryptoverse has been affected again after a new attack. Vertcoin has already been attacked in the past.

For those who do not know Vertcoin, this is a copy of Bitcoin itself, but with some additional feature not very remarkable. It was attacked 51% exactly one year ago. Since it was attacked it has changed its algorithm to Lyra2REv3.

Recently, one of Vertcoin’s miners noticed an exponential rise in the price of hashrate rental in Nicehash, while Vertcoin’s miners received work from unknown blocks. This alarmed the miner and decided to contact Bittrex. The largest exchange in terms of Vetcoin. This advised the company to disable the ability to conduct operations with Vertcoin since the possibility that it was under attack was more than likely. Finally Bittrex disabled the Vertcoin wallet.

Subsequently the attack was confirmed and it is almost certainly believed that this was done from the Nicehash hashrate. Nicehash’s servers sent work to unpublished blocks.

Several double spending exits were made, specifically 5. These exits were made with coins from the attack and it is unknown who they were sent to.

The ends of the attack are still uncertain. It is estimated that up to 1 BTC could be spent in order to carry out such an attack and that the benefits obtained will be about 13825 VTC (0.44 BTC). Seeing that the rehabilitation of this attack becomes void the reason for the realization of this attack could have been to reach Bittrex. It is also considered that the attack was a proof of concept or sabotage attack.

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