According to the co-founder of Primitive Crypto Dovey Wan, a Chinese investor was the victim of a theft of USD 30 million in Bitcoin Cash, through the hacking of the SIM card of his mobile phone.

Wan posted a tweet recently, in which he placed the investor’s notification on Reddit. While this notification was deleted from Reddit, Wan’s tweet explains the facts:


1M BCH sim hack !! worth $30M from 1 single Chinese whale (he claimed lost $15M BTC too) He’s now asking for help from miners.. I’m talking with top BCH pool owners on this OMFG “

When consulting the address qzumak2rvxksjgkjuxe2fe5jxatktlsnhy5sthr5p7 on, there are five withdrawals of 31,566,48692320, 26,305,40478425, 1,600,00000573, 4,208 and 4,208 BCH, this Friday at 20:10 (UTC-4,801) totaling BCH

In the extensive thread of this Dovey Wan tweet, it is not clear whether the BCH withdrawals were actually made through a duplication of the victim’s SIM chip, which was identified by a user participating in the discussion as Josh Jones, founder of Dreamhost , who apparently works in security.

Once a potential attacker has control of the possible victim’s phone number, he tries to gain access to his Gmail account, as he can receive an SMS authentication code. If successful, the attacker is more likely to access private keys.

Wan herself wonders how an investor can handle such large amounts on a phone, which qualifies as “the greatest nonsense of all time.”

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