The Wikipedia entry for the Bitcoin Lightning Network is being considered for deletion, supposedly because the subject has no notoriety.

A group of Wikipedia editors would like to remove the article from Lightning Network as they argue their lack of notoriety, an indicator they use to find out if a topic justifies their own article.

The Wikipedia entry for Lightning Network reads:

“This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with the Wikipedia removal policy.

Share your thoughts on the subject in the entry of this article on the Articles to remove page. Feel free to improve the article, but the article should not be left blank and this notice should not be deleted until the discussion is closed. For more information, particularly on how to merge or move the article during the discussion, read the removal guide.“

This has sparked the debate, with some editors pointing out that the topic is “dredging for the coverage of the conventional press”; while highlighting that the article does not have reliable third-party sources.

Editor Ladislav Mecir added:

“There is a problem with the notoriety of the subject: the citations in the article refer to self-edited texts that are not acceptable for notoriety.

Other sources also do not qualify as significant coverage of independent sources in the subject.”

Also, David Gerard, who has also advocated the removal of the entry, told Decrypt that “the Lightning Network article is currently very poorly referenced.” While another editor who wants to bring the whole topic of Wikipedia said it is difficult to take any press coverage of the project seriously

However, the issue is still under debate. In fact, some people strongly defend the LN article, they pointed out that the LN page “is remarkable enough for WP.”

Community reaction

A Twitter user, “@StopAndDecrypt,” said there is no reason for Wikipedia to delete the article.

“Lightning is not dead.”

While another Wikipedia moderator, Michepman, expressed his disagreement with the event. He said “the votes are inappropriately focused on wether Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are a good idea or even if the article in its current state is good.”

Hand in suit holding lightning bolt on his hand, green environment concept

However, Michepman reasoned that “the cryptocurrency industry may be full of scammers, but that does not mean that the issue is not notable: we have articles on multilevel marketing, early rate fraud, perpetual motion, all kinds of pseudoscience, etc. Something suspicious does not make it irrevocable. ”

Then, the developer of Bitcoin Core and Blockstream, Greg Maxwell also decided to contribute to the debate, noting that he believes that the LN article should be maintained and also emphasized that “Lightning is not dead.”

After the spread of the news, some crypto characters raised their voice. David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, commented on this removal through his official Twitter account; “I love Wikipedia for many things, but it’s almost useless for anything controversial.”

Also, Jameson Lopp said “go ahead, erase it.” He added: “The Wikipedia page for Bitcoin was deleted in July 2010 and it was not a big problem: it ended up being restored 6 months later”

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