Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales denies the possibility of including cryptocurrencies as a means to reward platform authors.

The international financial system is experiencing a true revolution. Moving from transactions that take whole days to execute, with very high commissions, to immediate and safe operations across borders.

Companies and governments begin to develop their own Blockchains With the aim of storing sensitive information, beyond the possibilities of most hackers and cybercriminals in the world, or simply to develop their own cryptocurrencies in order to perform internal operations.

The refusal of the founder of Wikipedia

However, and despite the increasing number of companies, governments and organizations. They begin to accept the reality of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there are organizations and people who do not finish seeing clearly the need for this technology. Among whom is the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales.

In his statements at the London CoinGeek Conference, Wales commented that cryptocurrencies do not have a place on Wikipedia. On the contrary, the use of crypto assets could be detrimental to the way the platform works.

Even referring to the proposal to allow creators of content on Wikipedia to be rewarded with cryptoactive. Saying that this would be a bad idea: «This is a very bad idea. It’s an idea that doesn’t really work … If you take something that is a bad idea and put it in the blockchain, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea.

According to Wales, Wikipedia is based on the voluntary participation of people for the creation and correction of articles. So, by including the possibility of monetarily rewarding content creators. Doors open to companies wanting to pay the authors of content that suits them. What would end the spirit of Wikipedia.

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