Recently, YouTube itself has removed or restricted content related to cryptocurrencies. All this has happened without prior notice and without giving any clear reason or explanation.

Youtube has been the leading website in shared content for the past 20 years. In this way, it is a really useful tool to communicate in a cheap, simple way. When nations are beginning to adopt cryptocurrencies, Google aims to eliminate the original content from Youtube users.

Youtube has a strict policy regarding the content that is presented on its platform. With this, they reject hostile publications and try to get their creators to approach the so-called “familiar” content. In other areas, YouTube has been able to demonetize the content or notify the author himself that his content is not adequate. But right now the content related to cryptocurrencies is being erased as if it were a crime.

It is possible that YouTube is crossing out all the content related to virtual assets as a possible scam or that its own advertisers do not want to advertise their advertising in these videos.

Concrete cases are already known such as that of youtuber Chris Dunn, which has more than 200K subscribers, or the popular BTC-Sessions. Dunn wrote in a tweet:

“. @ YouTube just removed most of my crypto videos citing” harmful or dangerous content “and” sale of regulated goods “… it’s been 10 years of making videos, 200k + subs, and 7M + views. WTF are you guys doing @TeamYouTube ?! “

The main reason why YouTube is restricting this content is because of the promotion of unregulated goods or harmful or dangerous content. These motives seem poorly founded and with a wobbly base. For now, YouTube itself has not argued why this “purge” against digital assets on its platform, publicly.

Other platforms, such as Twitter, have always supported blockchain content. Twitter creator Jack Dorsey himself has spoken several times with the idea of ​​transferring the base of his platform to blockchain.

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