In the last week, they have been reports from a number of crypto influencers on YouTube that their content has been taken down and their accounts have been receiving warning strikes from the video platform. Many point to this as a form of censorship against crypto-related content while others speculate that there must be some bad behavior on the part of the YouTubers. Since the news of this came out, there has been an active discussion on social media not only of possible censorship of crypto content but also of a possible alternative to YouTube for crypto content creators and consumers.

It seems all these complaints have been taken into account as after days of silence from YouTube, some of the content that has been taken down has been reinstated and there is finally some word from YouTube themselves.

Back in Business 

YouTube responded via Twitter to a series of tweets from a content creator called Carl the Moon and stated that his videos have been reinstated and also apologized for what they call an error on their part.

“Hey there, this was an error on our side during the review process – your video should be reinstated and strikes resolved. Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise!” They said. 

Following this exchange, Carl the Moon came on to state that his videos have been reinstated and that his strike has been taken down. Furthermore, he stated that many of the concent creators who had seen strikes on their channel have had their content reinstated by YouTube. However, this might not necessarily be the end of the crypto YouTube saga.

“YouTube has admitted that this was a mistake, but this has severely impacted YouTubers business,” said Carl The Moon. “However, the biggest thing I have learnt as a Youtuber is to not trust Youtube.” 

This incident also sparks discussion about alternatives to YouTube for crypto content creators such as blockchain-based video websites with even Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, suggesting that creators, as well as their followers, turn their attention to other platforms following the censorship incidents.

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