After presenting his apologies, YouTube acknowledges his mistake and says he enabled the videos that were subject to sanctions again.

Google’s largest video streaming platform in the world, YouTube, apologized to channel managers with content associated with cryptocurrencies for censoring material associated with this ecosystem.

Recently, a large number of users and content creators associated with the platform submitted their complaints via Twitter. These users expressed their dissatisfaction with YouTube for removing large numbers of videos without prior notice, since there was nothing explicitly stated in the platform’s policies and terms of use to support such measures.

The situation was a bit more delicate for certain channels since the measure was accompanied by admonitions (commonly known as “strikes”) and restrictions for uploading videos for certain periods of time.

YouTube acknowledges the error

Regarding the error, a YouTube spokesman commented during an interview:

“The removal of the videos was due to an error … we have already restored all the videos that were affected and eliminated any sanctions (strike) for the affected channels. There were no changes in our policies regarding cryptocurrencies.”

Public recognition by YouTube led multiple youtubers to inform their followers about the reinstatement of the deleted material. However, there are still people and entities affected who ensure that the unsubscribed videos are not yet available again, so it is not clear if there will be any kind of update to the criteria that supports this decision.

Although the measure generated a lot of discomfort among the creators of content, some analysts chose to give a much friendlier approach to the events, indicating that this “purge” also served to clean the ecosystem of companies and people that promote pyramid schemes or scams, helping to avoid crimes that undermine the good reputation of digital currencies.

Possible repercussions

The events that occurred with the platform add up to a series of irregularities denounced by a large number of content creators and users in recent months, who expressed concern about the changes in policies that YouTube has been implementing, especially in areas associated with the Monetization of videos and their visibility based on the classification of the channels.

Because of the aforementioned, a good part of the content creators chose to move their material to other video platforms such as Patreon, Twitch or LBRY, which pose more friendly conditions to monetize the material and manage clear policies on the material That can be published.

Amid the discontent present among crypto channel managers, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that platforms such as YouTube are taking measures that undermine what may have value for people, so he invites those affected to seek alternatives of decentralized type, which will help in the process of adopting digital currencies and their underlying technology.

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